Supervised Probation Services
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Supervised Probation Services:

Supervised Probation Services has been providing private probation services to
northeast Missouri since 1993.  We have grown to include deferred prosecution,
supervised release for pre-trial cases, alcohol monitoring through SCRAM units,
electronic house arrest, on-site drug testing, and supervision of any conditions
ordered by the court all at no cost to the county.  Offenders placed on probation pay
a monthly fee of $30.  These fees cover the cost of supervision. Additional fees are
charged if someone is on house-arrest, or SCRAM.

As a private probation service, we are flexible and adaptive in our approach,
developing programs to meet the needs of individual courts.  Our goal in this
endeavor includes alleviating the clerical burden placed on the courts in keeping
track of offenders' completion of assigned programs.  

The probation officers at Supervised Probation Services are professional, thorough,
and love working with the courts, the clients, and the community.
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Don't Drink and Drive; it's not worth the risk to life, limb, or liberty - yours or someone else's.
The probation officers and I are here to
provide accountability to the courts and
support to the offender's decisions to be a
positive contributor in our communities.
   - Kurtis Sanders