Supervised Probation Services
SCRAM: Continuous Alcohol Monitoring
Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAMx):

Continuous Alcohol Monitoring is an electronic device that is attached to a subject's ankle.  A
perspiration sample is collected by the device approximately every 30 minutes and tested for
alcohol.  At least once/day, the data is collected off the bracelet and sent to the central office.  The
data includes a time stamp that reports the initial indication of alcohol.

For more information on this device please go to the Alcohol Monitoring website at:
SCRAM bracelet

Supervised Probation Services began providing continuous alcohol monitoring in January of 2008. We
hold license with the SCRAM manufacturer (Alcohol Monitoring Systems) to provide SCRAM service in
7 counties: Pike, Marion, Monroe, Ralls, Audrain, Lewis, and Clark.  We are available to provide this
service to any court in these counties whether we provide probation services in that county or not.

We have had positive comments from offenders and court personnel.  The offenders appreciate the
support to their decision to not drink anymore.  The accountability this system provides the courts
allows them an alternative to jail sentencing.
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If you are a multiple DUI offender, you may also need information about the
Ignition Interlock system.    That information is available