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Supervised Probation Services began in 1993 in Pike County Missouri.  Since
then, we have provided probation supervision of misdemeanor and traffic
offenders who were not eligible to be supervised by the State of Missouri's
Probation and Parole office.  We have expanded our services to include
many options for court-ordered conditions of probation including electronic
house-arrest, continuous alcohol monitoring, on-site drug testing.  We have
also include other programs such as Deferred Prosecution, and supervision of
special orders by the court independent of a probation.  

We have three probation officers with over 40 years of combined experience
in probation supervision.  We maintain a 19 year track record of professional
service to the courts in northeast Missouri.  We welcome you to contact any
of the judges, prosecutors, court clerks, attorneys, and even probationers
with whom we work.  We have been described as courteous, professional,
helpful, capable, and we genuinely enjoy what we do.

We maintain offices that are convenient and hours that are flexible. We are
available by cell phone at all times. Probation officers communicate
regularly with all court and community entities to maintain a team effort.  

Our purpose is to provide supervision of misdemeanor offenders giving a
court sentencing alternatives without burdening the court clerks. In so
doing, we also provide accountability for the court.

Monthly reports to a probation office provides an opportunity for offenders
to review the behaviors that brought them into the system and make
adjustments to prevent further involvement with law enforcement and the
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Supervised Probation Services currently has contracts to provide court services (see list of services) with
four (Pike, Monroe, Marion, and Ralls) counties in Northeast Missouri. We also have SCRAM (continuous alcohol
monitoring) devices available to those four counties plus Audrain, Lewis, and Clark counties.