Supervised Probation Services
Alcohol/Drug evaluation, education, and/or treatment, DUI Schools
Alcohol/Drug Evaluations:

Each time someone is placed on probation, the probation will review the
crime, the offenders criminal history, and be alert during conversations to
determine the need for an alcohol and/or drug evaluation.  Indications for an
evaluation or referral for an education class
may include reporting with
alcohol on their breath, a high BAC  at the time of arrest, prior history of
alcohol related charges, other alcohol or drug related problems in their life
(loss of job, inability to pay bills due to spending money on substances, etc...

Referrals for certified evaluations are made to community alcohol and drug
treatment professionals.
Alcohol/Drug Education:
Alcohol and drug education classes are provided by area treatment facilities
and are usually 10 hours long.  There are education classes specially designed
for minors with alcohol related charges such as "minor in possession of
Alcohol/Drug Treatment:
All referrals for alcohol or drug treatment are based on an evaluation performed by certified
alcohol/drug evaluators.  Treatment can range from daily or weekly out-patient visits to
in-patient treatment that will usually be for 28 days.  We strongly encourage involvement in
self-help treatment meetings (AA).
DUI Schools:
Most DUI offenders (regardless of where the DUI took place or if the offender has an
out-of-state license) have to complete a DUI school.  This class usually starts with an
evaluation that will determine which of the classes and/or treatment the offender will have
to complete.  The DUI school can be required by the state's driver's license authority and/or
the court system.  One may not require it while the other may.  The probation officer will
review the requirements with the probationer and will give the probationer directions on
how to complete this program.

Supervised Probation Services maintains an active relationship with all of the DUI programs
that provide services to counties where we have probation services.