Supervised Probation Services
Community Service
Community Service

Community service is providing work for a non-profit organization for no
payment or benefit.  Non-profit organizations include: churches, schools, fire
departments, city halls, community museums, parks, American Legion, VFW,
etc..   Community service should NEVER include the serving alcohol.

Supervised Probation Services maintains an active list of non-profit
organizations in each county where we provide probation supervision.  We
maintain communication with the organizations to keep a working
relationship so we are aware of special events that need volunteers.  
Probation Officers also have contact names for each of the non-profit
organizations so we can call to verify hours completed.

Each court has it's own requirements for community service dictating due
dates and locations for community service. Community service workers should
be sure to talk with their probation officer about the hours that are required
of them.

For offenders that are unemployed, community service work can provide a
reference for employment applications.
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