Supervised Probation Services, LLC
Deferred Prosecution
Deferred Prosecution:

Occasionally a prosecutor or a city attorney will determine it best to
provide a first-time offender with an alternative to the regular court
process by recommended a "deferred prosecution."  

Deferred prosecution is a program in which the offender is given some
conditions to comply with or to complete during a given amount of time.  
At the end of that time, if the offender has not received any new charges
and has complied with all of the conditions (special and standard)  of the
agreement, the prosecutor will then nolle prosse (drop) the charges
against the offender.  

These situations are not common and are arranged between an attorney
and the prosecutor's office.

Supervised Probation Services will supervise the conditions of the deferred
prosecution agreement and will meet with the offender monthly to be sure
there is no confusion.  Two weeks prior to the end of the term, the
probation office will file paperwork with the prosecutor's office stating
that it has all been completed. If for any reason the offender does not
comply with the conditions of the agreement for deferred prosecution, the
probation officer will notify the prosecutor's office.
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