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Supervision of Probation Cases
Supervision of Probation Cases:

In lieu of a fine or jail sentence, a court may order that an offender comply
with a term of probation.  This probation will include some standard
conditions (i.e. maintain employment, stay clear of new trouble, reporting
for probation appointments) as well as some special conditions (community
service, payment of fines or restitution, alcohol/drug education or
treatment, DUI school, obtain valid driver's license, anger management
program, house-arrest, alcohol monitoring with a SCRAM bracelet, apology
letters, etc..).  Private probation gives a judge some creative flexibility to
order conditions that fit the offender and the crime.

Once ordered to probation the probationer will meet with a probation
officer to go over all of the conditions of that probation.  The probationer
will then sign the order agreeing with the conditions.  We always make it
clear that the offender has a choice for probation; he can always go back to
the court and receive a sentence of jail or fine.

Probationers will report a minimum of once per month for the length of
probation.  If there are some special challenges we may ask the offender to
report weekly, and rarely, but sometimes, on a daily basis, until there is an
indication that monthly visits will suffice.  During these visits the probation
officer will review all the conditions to determine if there is an area that
the probationer needs help complying.

If an offender violates a condition of the probation, the probation officer
will review that violation to determine if it is best to report the situation to
the court for either a modification or revocation of that probation.  In some
cases where the probationer is a first offender, has proceeded through the
probation by reporting on time, no new charges, all fines, fees and
restitution is paid, the probation officer may petition the court for the
probation to be modified to unsupervised probation allowing the
probationer to be free from all of the probation conditions except to stay
out of trouble with the law.

It is our expectation to treat all probationers with as much respect (or
more) than they treat their probation officer.  We strive to see the best in
each of them while holding them to a standard of lawful living.
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