Our primary service is supervising probation for misdemeanor and traffic offenses in the municipalities and counties of Pike, Ralls, Marion, and Monroe.  We also provide court-related services either in conjunction with probation supervision or independently of an order of probation.

Probation Supervision

The purpose of Supervised Probation Services is to provide supervision of misdemeanor offenders giving a court sentencing alternatives without burdening the clerical staff.  We also provide accountability for the courts. We monitor compliance with probation conditions and report successes and violations to the courts. We also assess our clients and refer them to appropriate outside agency’s to meet their social, psychological and physical needs.

Monthly reports to a probation officer also provide an opportunity for offenders to look at their lives and what situation brought them to the court and acts as a reminder that they do not want to do this again.  At the time of arrest, an offender will often say “never again”, but we find that decision gets diluted with time.  If that same offender has to report for regular probation appointments and comply with special conditions of probation, he will hang on to that “never again” mentality a little longer (maybe forever).

Pretrial Release Supervision

Our agency offers options for the courts to use in lieu of incarceration or as an additional condition of bond. Defendants can report as directed by the court and provide updated information regarding employment, telephone number, address, activities, attorney and next court date. Conditions may be applied to a defendant’s release such as random drug and alcohol testing, electronic monitoring, no contact with alleged victims or prohibition on visiting certain places. Defendants who do not report as directed or who are found to be in violation of their bond conditions are reported to the courts in a timely manner.

Alcohol and Drug Testing

Our agency offers a variety of alcohol and drug testing methods for all types of cases and individuals. We have been doing testing for probation cases, bond supervision, juvenile and custody cases. Our testing services include:

  • Hair Drug Testing (commonly known as “hair follicle test”)
  • Instant Urine Drug Screen
    • 5 panel drug screening-meth, opiates, THC, benzodiazepines and cocaine
  • Instant Urine Single Dip Test
    • Available tests: K-2, fentanyl, THC, cocaine, meth, opiates, benzodiazepines
  • Instant Alcohol Saliva Test
  • Lab Confirmed Urine Drug Screen
  • Drug Patch Testing
  • EtG/EtS Alcohol Urine Screen
  • Lab Urine Alcohol & Drug Test

To arrange testing, the individual should call 573-248-3200 to schedule an appointment. Fees are due at the time of testing. Test results will be provided to the referring source and e-filed with with the court if requested. 


Electronic Monitoring/GPS Monitoring

Supervised Probation Services is available to provide Electronic House Arrest, We offer 2 types of EMP: 1) RF (Radio Frequency) and 2) GPS. RF monitors when an offender enters and leaves a fixed location. GPS house arrest knows the location of the offender at all times and sets boundaries where they must remain or must stay away from.  SPS receives alerts when there are violations.  We have been providing pre-trial supervision of felony cases through Electronic Monitoring.  We can also alleviate jail overcrowding by providing Electronic Monitoring to non-violent offenders for a fraction of the cost of housing an offender. SPS has also been providing RF and GPS monitoring on juveniles being released from detention.

Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAMx)

Continuous Alcohol Monitoring is an electronic device that is attached to a subject’s ankle.  A perspiration sample is collected by the device approximately every 30 minutes and tested for alcohol.  At least once/day, the data is collected off of the bracelet and sent to the central office.  The data includes a time stamp that reports the initial indication of alcohol.  SCRAM is available to any court (with or without probation services). We are available to provide accurate daily reports on the alcohol consumption and bracelet tampers. The Remote Breath device is an option to use on those who an ankle bracelet is not appropriate for reasons that could include health issues, allergies and their work environment.  SCRAM Remote Breath® provides flexible, portable breath alcohol testing with automated facial recognition and a GPS location with every test. This device is ideal for lower-risk clients or those who have earned less intensive monitoring. For more information on this device please go to the Alcohol Monitoring website at:
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